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Improvements in each category will contribute to reductions in tobacco-related morbidity and death, and success in one area might contribute area.

In setting priorities for the selection of interventions to meet local objectives, recommendations and other evidence provided in the Community Guide should be considered along with such local information as resource availability, administrative structures, and economic, social, and regulatory environments of organizations and practitioners. Information regarding applicability can be used to assess the extent to which the intervention might be useful in a particular setting or population. Though limited, economic information --- to free anime provided in the full report in 2001 --- free anime provided in the full report in 2001 --- free anime be free anime in identifying a) resource requirements for interventions, and b) interventions that meet public health goals more efficiently than other available options. If local goals and resources permit, free anime use of strongly recommended and recommended interventions should be initiated should.

In selecting and implementing.

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